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Gastro Entertainment İstanbul

We are at the era of the agriculture, at home of the tables of the flavors made from the fertility of   the 7 regions, mountains, seas and lowlands. Now, we want to put another spoon on the plate, like a mother who is trying to feed the child. We insist on the delights of this dish as people who believe that others love their favorite food.

We have a wealth of unique, attractive, and complementary cultural heritage for the promotion of our country: gastronomy. We are taking the first step to make Istanbul and Turkey into the capital of gastronomy. We consider gastronomy, the rising section of the sustainable tourism as the most efficient tool for our ascendant line and we want to turn heads to Turkey for delicious discoveries.

We create a platform where we will share our unique riches with tastes from ancient Turkish cultures and Palace Cuisine; with Gastro-Entertainment 2017 we bring together all the components of the gastronomic.

We consider your supports and your views important in the way of realizing this great potential and we share our presentation with you.

The way to the heart of the world pass from Turkey, what do you think?