Dressed-up Chicken with Soybean Sauce

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When prepared correctly, this recipe can be look so good and delicious.

Ingredients and preparation details can be found below.



Ingredients for Gravy
Soy Bean Paste A 1 Tbsp
Mushroom Vagetarian Sauce 2 Tbsp
Minced Chicken 1 Cup
Salted Eggs Yolk 2 Pcs
Noodle 1/2 Half package
Sprinkle Cilantro as desire
Vegetable oil for deep fry


  1. Marinate Minced chicken with Healthy Boy Soy Bean Paste A , mix well and set aside for 10-15mins
  2. Soak the Chao Mian noodles in water untill soft and then drain.
  3. Roll Salted Yolk for each portion into a small ball shape.
  4. Wrap Mixed Minced Chicken around Salted Eggs Yolks
  5. Roll Chao Mian over the minced Chicken in basket shape, Then fry in hot oil, turn until golden yellow and crispy,  sprinkle with cilantro. It is readly for serving with Healthy Boy Sweet Chilli Sauce.