Çikolata Festivali 2

İstanbul İnternational Chocolate Festival

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“Sweetest” Meeting at Sirkeci station!

Are you ready to go on a ‘sweet’ journey in the Sirkeci station with the International Chocolate Festival?

Historical Sirkeci Gari, one of the icons of Istanbul, is preparing to host the most ‘sweet’ festival in Turkey. International Chocolate Festival, Tatu Creative Solutions, ThePartners and Medyadoktoru Production will leave unique tastes in the palate memories of chocolate enthusiasts. In addition to a number of national and international brands, the chocolate buffs will meet each other with unique tastes at the festival, where artisan chocolates will participate.

The festival will include interviews, workshops, workshops for children and adults, different applications, performances and interactive festival experiences that chocolate has encountered with technology in cooperation with BAU GASTRONOMY and USLA Academy.

Children in the festival ‘sweet’ surprises are waiting. Kids who are passionate about this indispensable flavor will also enjoy the festive enjoyment of Kidszone, which is specially created for them, as well as the fun of April 23 and the enthusiasm of April 23.

Chocolate Festival will host all chocolate enthusiasts in the Historical Sirkeci Gallery between April 20th and April 21st at 10.00 -20.00 and between 22.00 and 23.00 at 10.00-22.00.